Countenance and Heart of the Shaykh (Excerpt)

You alone, my Beloved, are protection,
support, inner force, and true being.
Always courting my soul, always in sympathy,
you are my rapture, well-being and joy,
the thrill of my existence, the consecration of my life.
I kneel in your presence, heart in prostration,
enraptured and exalted by your essence.
The straps of your sandals I kiss with delight.
I cannot find words to describe my mystical spouse,
the favorite of the universe, the hidden pearl.
O thief of God-filled hearts,
I submit to your overwhelming embrace,
annihilated by this magnificent Love.
Without home or asylum, without path or trace,
without any escape, any remedy,
I am lost in the desert, mountainous and remote,
the flowering desert of your Love.
You are closer than my central artery.
For you I have been mortally wounded by sweet arrows
in the mystical assembly of the heroic lovers of Love.
It is the radiant death of mortality.
I am amazed by this depth of Love,
which removes reason from the enamored ones.
I am an ant on a small leaf of the immense tree of Love,
a mote of pollen in the endless abyss of Love.
My naked heart is a brilliant ember
before the royal blue throne
of the ardent saints of my lineage.
Always ascending, this infinite aspiration
that no flood can extinguish
confirms the mystery of Assumption.
I am the virgin bride of Divine Wisdom.

Countenance and Heart of the Shaykh, an epic poem
From Atom from the Sun of Knowledge
by Shaykh Nur al-Jerrahi Lex Hixon

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