Leap of the Dervish (Excerpt)

The dervish is a fertile field

cultivated by Divine Power.

Advancing step by step

through seven stations of wisdom
along the way both arduous and joyful,
making every sacrifice,
the dervish completes this steep path,
this royal road.

The leap of the dervish

is the radiant storm of love

filled with exultation.

This heart becomes exposed

to the splendor of Divine Light.
Each breath becomes an offering.

The dervish is a mystic bride
promised to the Supreme Beloved
Who abides deep within all hearts.
This leap is the wonderful wedding
of the soul with Divine Tenderness,
Who surpasses all imagination.
The eternal spouses, lover and Beloved,
now enter the Paradise of Unity.

This is the astonishing matrimony
between our human reality
and the Source of the Universe,
mystically consummated on earth.

Leap of the Dervish: Invitation to the Path of Love
From Atom from the Sun of Knowledge
by Shaykh Nur al-Jerrahi Lex Hixon

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